About us

Fløibanen AS is a company with long traditions in Bergen. Fløibanen has carried over 50 million people to and from Mount Fløyen since it was first opened in 1918.

There has been a steady increase in traffic in recent years, and 2018 was a fantastic year for Fløibanen, with new records set in several months and a new annual record of 2 023 786 journeys made.

  • The Fløibanen funicular opened for passengers on 15th of January 1918.
  • The two carriages have been red and blue since the early 1950s. The carriages are thus named Blåmann (Blueman) and Rødhette (Little Red Ridinghood).
  • Today’s carriages are fourth generation and went into service in 2002.
  • Today’s carriages were built in Switzerland at the Gangloff factory, and it is designed specially for Fløibanen by the industrial designer Espen Thorup.
  • Fløibanen is a corporation with many private shareholders. The biggest shareholder is the Municipality of Bergen.
  • Fløibanen can operate at different velocities. Normally we dive at 4m/sec, but the speed can be increased to 6m/sec.
  • Fløibanen runs on electricity. It has machinery consisting of an AC motor with about 400 hp.
  • The carriages are 12 metres long and weigh 13 tons without any passengers aboard. The cable is 40 mm thick and can handle a load up to 66 tons.

Fløibanen and Mount Fløyen also include

  • Activity section that will facilitate activities for children and adults alike, both outside and inside all year round.
  • Fløistuen shop and cafè where you can buy gift and useful artifacts, as well as baked goods, icecream, coffe, tea, hot cocoa and sodas.
  • Skomakerstuen café next to Lake Skomakerdiket, where you can taste our norwegian “svele”. 
  • Bergen’s largest and most established playground and climbing course.
  • Varying terrain for hiking during the summer, and fantastic opportunities to ski and go sledding during the winter.
  • Free public restrooms.