We are open daily all year round from early morning to 23:00. At times of high demand the funicular runs continuously, and each carriage normally takes 80 passengers.

How long does the journey take?

A journey on Fløibanen from the lower station to Fløyen takes 5–7 minutes.

How many passengers can Fløibanen carry?

We normally take 70 passengers per departure, as this provides the most comfortable travel experience. The maximum number of passengers is up to 100. Large groups of, say, 200–300 must allow up to 30 minutes to get the whole group up to Fløyen, and must be prepared to be split between several departures. It is important that members of the group travel up consecutively and that a time is agreed for everyone to meet on Fløyen.


How long does it take to walk from the cruise terminal?

It takes about 15–20 minutes to walk from the cruise terminal to Fløibanen’s lower station at Vetrlidsallmenningen.

What is there at the top when I get there?

At the top of Fløibanen you will find a shop and cafè, restaurant and free toilets, as well as a disabled toilet and baby-changing facilities. We also offer free WiFi. There is a playground and Troll Forest for the kids, a climbing course a few minutes walk from the upper station, the viewing platform and numerous footpaths and trails, not to mention fantastic scenery!

Can we bring the pram/pushchair?

Absolutely! Both the lower and upper stations have lifts and are easily accessible for prams/pushchairs and wheelchair users. We can take up to four prams/pushchairs or four wheelchairs per departure. And it’s no problem getting around on Fløyen, or coming back down, with a pram/pushchair.

How long does it take to walk back down from Fløyen to the city centre?

It takes about 45 minutes (3 km) at a good pace – less if you’re extra fit!

What is Fløibanen?

Fløibanen opened in 1918 and is a funicular railway that runs from the centre of Bergen to Fløyen (320 m above sea level). There are two carriages fastened to a cable and driven by two large pulleys located at the upper station. Fløibanen is electrically powered and there is a driver in the carriage at all times. Each carriage holds a maximum of 100 passengers. It is Bergen’s most popular tourist attraction but is also the natural means of transport for people living on the mountainside and for the kindergartens on Fløyen.

What are the names of the carriages?

The carriages are called Rødhette (the red one) and Blåmann (the blue one). They were dedicated by Reverend Thor Brekkeflat on 15 November 2002. Kristian Aga (10) and Tover Riiser Bjørnestad were the clever (and lucky!) winners of the competition to name the new carriages.

Where were the Fløibanen carriages built?

The undercarriage was produced by the Swiss firm Doppelmayr Tramways Ltd. The bodywork was manufactured by Gangloff, also in Switzerland. The carriages were designed by the Norwegian industrial designer Espen Thorup.

Is travelling on Fløibanen safe?

Definitely! Safety is the no. 1 priority in everything we do. Throughout Fløibanen’s 99-year history, there have never been any serious accidents.  We have built in additional safety margins over and above the requirements laid down by the cable railway supervisory authority and international regulations. In the event of an accident, the carriage’s catch brake will ensure that the carriage stops within 2.5 m.

How does Fløibanen work?

The carriages are attached either end of a cable, which passes through two large pulleys in the engine room. This means that the carriages always run in sync and stop at the same time at the stations.

How long did it take to build Fløibanen?

Work on construction of the funicular started in the autumn of 1914 and Fløibanen was officially opened on 15 January 1918.

Who had the idea of building Fløibanen?

The idea of a means of transport to Fløyen was mooted as early as 1895 by John Lund, a local resident and member of the Norwegian parliament, the Storting.

How long does it take to walk from Fløyen to Ulriken?

It takes around 5–6 hours to complete this route. See also footpaths on the mountain.

What should I do if I’ve lost something on Fløyen?

We look after everything handed in at Fløibanen and Fløyen and store it in our ticket office in accordance with the Lost Property Act. If you have lost something, contact our ticket office, or the lost property department at the local police station. It may be that some honest person has found your item and handed it in there instead.

Are there places to park near Fløibanen?

There is a car park in Rosenkrantzgaten, which is not far from the lower station. There is disabled parking at Vetrlidsalmenningen, plus places for coaches to set down and pick up passengers. During the summer season, there is parking for tourist coaches on Festningskaien, provided in a collaboration between Fløibanen, the City of Bergen and Port of Bergen.

Can I buy tickets on Fløyen?

Yes, you can. There are ticket machines where you can buy tickets at all stations. You can pay by cash or card. Tickets are also for sale at our shop and in our app.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can, and dogs travel free of charge. Please make sure your dog is not a nuisance to other passengers, and remember your dog must be on a leash in hiking trails on Mount Fløyen all year round. In addition, dogs must be on a leash where there are livestock animals and in the ski tracks in winter.

Can I take my bike on Fløibanen?

From 1 October to 31 March, you can take your bike to the intermediate stations Promsgate, Fjellveien and Skansemyren, but it is not permitted to take bikes up to Fløyen.

Can I drive up to Fløyen?

Yes, it is possible but you must obtain permission from the municipal authority. Go to www.byfjellene.no, where you will find an application form. Complete the form and send it to the City of Bergen, Grønn Etat (Green Management Agency). A barrier at Skansemyren prevents vehicular access to Fløyen.