Reconstruction of the Fløibanen Funicular

The cars of the Fløibanen Funicular need to be replaced, and we are planning reconstruction and a total upgrade.

For several years we have been working with plans for upgrading cars, machinery, and modifications of our stations so that they will be universally designed. Even though cars are in excelent state, they are actualy now 20 years old. So the time has come to realize this project.  

Fløibanen will be closed for upgrading from September 20th 2021 until April 1st 2022. 

The renovation is extensive, and except from Fløistuen Café and Skomakerstuen Café the entire facility will be closed from September 20th 2021 until April 1st. When we reopen in April 2022, we will offer 35% more capacity and stations that are more efficient and accessible for strollers, wheelchairs etc.  

If you want to hike up to Mount Fløyen during the renovation the best option is “Fløysvingene”. The distance to Mount Fløyen from the city centre is approximately 3km. 

Please note that the toilets at Mount Fløyen are only open during Fløistuen Café’s opening hours. 

Fløibanen Funicular is closed, but the nature is always open! 

See our suggestions for walks and hikes her 

Fløistuen Café 

Step inside Fløistuen café and feel the good atmosphere. Sit inside our charming and warm little café or outside on the large terrace. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with cream or freshly brewed coffee. Maybe we can tempt you with freshly baked pastry and sandwiches made of sourdough bread. We also serve ice cream in many varieties and the city's highest soft ice cream - with your favorite sprinkle of course. In addition, we offer a selection of small snacks such as biscuits, chocolate and nuts that you can easily bring with you on your hike.

Open Thursday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00


Skomakerstuen Café

Only ten minutes walk from Fløibanen top station you will find the idyllic Lake Skomakerdiket. This is where the Skomakerstuen café has opened - a brand new meeting place and heating room on Mount Fløyen.

The heating room itself has around 30-40 seats inside, in addition to seating place outside where hikers can seek shelter. Here you can buy hot and cold beverages like soda, water, hot chocolate, tea and coffee, light snacks and freshly baked norwegian speciality “svele” with sour cream, jam, norwegian brown cheese or sugar. You really have to try this!

Open Saturday and Sunday 11:00 – 16:00

Illustrations of how it will look at the lower station