The best playground in Bergen

At Mount Fløyen you will find a large variety of play opportunities and an exciting Troll forest!

On Fløyen you will find the city's largest playground! Here it is safe to release the kids and let them have fun in the nature.

Let the children climb, play hide and seek and enjoy the mountain. In addition, in recent years we have built several arenas where children can unfold themselves.

Large and varied playground

Close to Fløistuen café on the upper station, you will find a large playground. Your kids can play while you are having a quick cup of coffee if you feel like it. Here you will find several slides, climbing racks, swings, and the troll “Fløyentrollet”. The playground is suitable for the youngest children but also the slightly older ones. Further down the river you will find the "three billy goats” bridge that you can cross. Maybe this is where the trolls are hiding? On the other side of the river you will find the small “Troll Trail” where the children can challenge their balance and coordination.

Troll forest and Fløysletten

Behind Fløistuen café is the exciting and mysterious Troll Forest. Here the children can go on a journey of discovery and use their imagination. There are several different creatures and small obstacles that you must cross along the path. There is also a picnic hut and a barbeque area that can be used.

Nature walk

Use our digital map and let the children try our nature walk with 10 different questions on the area of Fløyen. Send your answer to

Here you find the digital map

Nature playground

Behind the Troll Forest on Fløysletten you will find the nature playground. This playground offers a lot of exciting challenges for all children. The children can test their balancing skills, jumping from tree to tree, hang in a small zipline (open all year), and at the end they can climb a tower over 10 meters tall.  

Welcome to hours of fun for the children at Mount Fløyen!