Terms for purchase on floyen.no

Terms and conditions for purchases

General terms and conditions for purchases when ordering tickets for Fløibanen and other products from Fløibanen AS at www.floyen.no.
These general terms and conditions apply between Fløibanen AS as supplier and the person or enterprise that independently or via others places an order on the supplier's website, as a customer with an agreement with Fløibanen AS.

The current rates for Fløibanen tickets applies to the tickets valid until December 2021.
In 2021 the low season rates will apply to tickets valid from January 1st until April 30th, and from October 1st until December 31st.
Summer rates for 2021 will apply to tickets valid from May 1st until Sepember 30th 2021.

The ticket rates in the portal include 12 % VAT.
If VAT for tickets are object to increase in 2021m the ticket rates at Fløibanen will also be subject to increase.

Orders may apply to tickets, activities, purchase of other products and services, or a combination of the above.

Responsible promoter:
Fløibanen AS, organisation number 911 732 173
Email: info@floyen.no

1. Responsibility of the party placing the order

Before making a final order, you shall read and become familiar with important information on the product in question.
The party placing the order is responsible for ensuring that the purchase is in accordance with his/her wishes in terms of number of persons and the date for which a ticket is ordered.

The party placing the order is responsible for ensuring that the information in the order confirmation (sent only by email) is in accordance with the order.

  • The email contains a QR code ticket. This is a PDF file with a QR code and can be printed on paper.
  • The email can also be opened on your mobile phone (smart phone - all models).
  • The email contains a pick-up code, and the tickets are picked up by providing the code to the personnel in the ticket office.

The ticket is scanned at the entry gate before boarding.
You have to register and log on as a user to purchase tickets, and approve the agreement and terms and conditions for purchases.

2. Ticket

Fløibanen has an electronic ticket and entry system. In order to board Fløibanen, each passenger must have their own valid ticket.
This applies to all persons over the age of 4.
Children from 0-3 years of age can gain entrance together with an adult holding a valid ticket.
The bar code ticket, printed on paper or open on your mobile phone, is read at the entry gate before boarding, or your tickets can be picked up at the ticket office using the pick-up code.
Tickets with a pick-up code can only be picked up from the ticket office during its opening hours.

Your ticket is only valid on the day for which you have booked the ticket, and must be used then.
The date the ticket is valid is written on the ticket.
It is important to treat your ticket as a document with value.
You may be fined NOK 750 for any invalid or dishonest use of a ticket or for travelling without a ticket, in accordance with Fløibanen’s terms and conditions for transport. The terms and conditions for transport are posted at the stations and in the carriages.

3. Completing an order

After correct completion of online payment, you will receive a receipt by email. The receipt will contain the QR code tickets and all the details of your purchase, and shall be brought with you to Fløibanen.

Orders are not classified as completed and are non-valid in the following situations:

  • The party placing the order has not received an email with a receipt and ticket.
  • Credit card payment is cancelled for different reasons and payment fails.
  • Payment is not completed or correctly executed so that the amount is not withdrawn from your account. This results in cancellation of the provisional reservation after a short time, and the purchase is no longer valid.

If you are in doubt whether your order has been placed correctly, please contact us:
Email: info@floyen.no (emails are answered Monday to Friday 08.00-15.30)

4. Payment

We make use of a payment system from Stripe, and you can pay by Visa or Mastercard.
Third parties will not receive access to your personal data or credit card number.

5. Right of cancellation

Tickets purchased for the wrong date or wrong number of persons are not refunded.
If you buy a ticket online, you have no right of cancellation or refund, cf. chapter 5-19 of the Norwegian Cancellation Act.
This also applies to product packages and campaigns that contain tickets or events with a specific date.

6. Changes in taxes and duties

If there is a change in taxes and duties that result in increased costs for the supplier once an order has been placed and paid for, the price may be increased correspondingly for the party placing the order. The party placing the order shall be notified immediately of such price changes.

7. Reservations

Please note that Fløibanen AS cannot be held liable for any publication or proofreading errors on websites and other information distributed by Fløibanen AS.

8. Disputes

Guests are requested to contact Fløibanen AS if they have any complaints about tickets issued and/or events and product packages. If the guest and Fløibanen AS are not able to negotiate an agreement, any disputes regarding formerly signed agreements shall be solved in Bergen City Court.

9. Force Majeure

Both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement if the event cannot be held due to acts of war, natural disasters, labour market conflicts, long-term shut-down in water or power supply, fire or other similar major events that none of the parties could predict or influence.